Monday, 5 November 2012

New L'Oreal Matt and Messy | Review

Hi everyone, so as I was wandering around Boots I came across this beauty...
With L'Oreal being such a trusted brand and one I know I can rely on, I thought I would try their new sea-salt spray from their studio line and at a reasonable £3.56 I simply couldn't resist. I've been wanting to try a sea-salt spray for a while now but I've never really seen many in stores, so when this came out I thought it was the perfect chance to try one out. This claims ''shine free tousled look'' which when I tried it, it did seem to do. However I think I need more time to experiment with it and find a way which works best for me so I will update you on that later.

The bottle contains 150ml and it is in a rather cute round bottle, making it easier to hold however the bottle shape could annoy people and this could be tricky for packing into small bags.
The instructions say to spray onto damp or dry hair and ruffle with your fingers to give an instantly textured effect. And if you wanted tousled waves to define sections and twist you hair using your fingers.
It says it adds extra lift and definition without weighing down or making hair greasy.
For some reason I thought this would smell slightly salty but I was surprised by the fresh clean scent it leaves in your hair.
So far I am really enjoying this product will you be trying it too?

Or have you tried anything from the rest of their Matt and Messy range?

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