Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Weekend Post #4: Getting Organised

I do love blogging, but when you have a blog being organised is crucial. A good way to keep organised is to buy a journal/diary or a notepad to write down whenever you post on your blog, trust me this helps, a LOT. 

Preparing Blog Posts: I am constantly preparing new blog posts, so I don't ever run out of things to share. I usually have one day where I will take tons of photos for my posts and then I will spend a few days a week writing them. I find it much easier to plan out what I'm going to blog about rather than leave it to the last minute (although I do have the occasional spur of the moment blog post). There are loads of different ways to keep track of your blog posts but as I mentioned before, using a journal or notepad is usually the best option, as you can carry them around with you and jot down any ideas you might get whilst you're out shopping or even having a meal out with some friends. You never know when an idea might hit you.
Blogging can become stressful if you are constantly worrying about new posts, so relax, take it easy and plan beforehand.

Sorting Out Your Workstation: Or cave, as some may call it. Yes, most of us are guilty of having too much clutter around our work areas, so grab a pen pot and some new storage drawers and get it tidied up!
Having a chaos-free and clean working environment does help. I love buying little storage boxes to keep bits and bobs in, and I have a basket which I keep all products "to review" for my blog, this way they aren't getting lost in my makeup abundance.

Clean Up Your Laptop: The lovely Fiona from MakeupSavvy shared some desktop backgrounds to help bloggers become more organised. Using those helps but also arranging your folders is a must. I have certain folders for my blog and certain ones for personal pictures such as holiday snaps. I must admit, I have ended up calling some pics 'akshkb' or something random like that in the past (please note: I will of been very tired at the time), but gone are those days and I'm glad to say that hasn't happened for a good while. Dropbox is a really smart little app that I love to use on a daily basis. I have it on my phone and my laptop so if I take a picture on my phone, it will upload onto my laptop too! Clever eh?

Set Out A Timetable: You could arrange to blog everyday of the week or just a couple of times a month. Whatever's best for you, trying to do too much will become stressful and blogging is supposed to be enjoyable not a hassle! Once you've got a timetable stick to it, if you feel like doing a bit extra then go ahead but don't panic if you forget to upload on a set day.

I hope this has helped you get into shape with the way you organise your blogging, I really enjoyed writing this and it's definitely got me back into gear!


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    1. Hi! Brand new reader and blogger. This really helped me figure out how to make the most of my blogging, thank you! The desktop backgrounds are super helpful too, thanks for sharing them!

  2. This post was really helpful! I always find I take lots of pictures but never have sufficient time to write them up :( I try to post daily apart from a Sunday so I think I should spend then sorting out posts!

    Megan x

  3. This post is really helpful and has got me motivated to get organised!


  4. What a cute and motivational post! I normally like to spend my weekends writing out a few blog posts to release during the week.

  5. Great advice, it's time to get organised!