Wednesday 29 May 2013

The Makeup: Beauty On A Budget

If you're like me, you end up spending a small fortune on makeup and skincare bits in Boots, (even though you only popped in for one thing) it's crucial to know the best and worst items in the drugstore. So here's a heads up of the products that should be entering your basket next time you pop in for ''lunch'', all under a tenner.

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine nail polishes £3.99
Priced at £3.99 these beauties are too good to miss out on. Barry M are releasing shade after shade, after shade and they're all glossy and easy to work with. Blue Grape (pictured) is one of their newest shades, a stunning royal blue.

V05 Give Me Texture spray £3.49
Freshly washed hair can be hard to work with, so sometimes you need a bit of texture and grip in your hair in order to style it. For me, this V05 texture spray works well and is super cheap too.

Bourjois Rouge Edition lipstick £7.99
These have been talked about a lot in the ''beauty community'' and I think just about everybody loves them. Available in a variety of shades, from nudes to bolder colours, smooth and incredibly pigmented.

Dove Firming Nourishing lotion £4.99
I'm currently on the countdown to shorts weather, so any product that helps firm the skin is a godsend. This particular one contains white tea extract for an invigorating effect, so apply this daily to keep your limbs firm and ready for the Summer.

L'Oreal CC cream £9.99
These CC creams contain clever little pigment capsules to help reduce red, dull or yellow looking skin. It aims to provide you with lightweight coverage for a fresh and natural makeup look. A much cheaper alternative to the new Clinique CC creams.


  1. I may have to try the texture spray, my hair grows upwards and is a pain in the bum!

  2. I Love the barry m nail varnishes!

    Im a new follower of your blog, i'd love it if you'd check out mine!

  3. I didn't know that Loreal came out with CC creams! Great post!


  4. I want to try the CC Creams, they seem lovely nd I love their concept! :) The Barry M Gelly nail polishes are also on my wish list, especially Green Berry! <3 Lovely post hun!

    Andrea | RosyChicc

  5. I went into Boots today to pick up a Barry M Gelly nail varnish and they had a sign up saying they would be back soon! So disappointed as I really wanted to get some :( great post by the way :D


  6. great post! i really want to try those CC creams and texture spray x


  7. I LOVE the look of the new Barry M Gelly polishes, they're so vibrant and perfect for Summer! <3 xxx

    Gemma ♥ |

  8. I tried Loreal Nude Magique BB cream for the first time today and thought it was wonderful, especially for summer!
    Do you know if there is much difference between the BB and CC creams?

    Sinead |

    1. Well it depends really on what brand of BB/CC cream you're using, but CC creams are usually lighter than BB creams and they're usually oil-free too. BB creams aim to give your skin a dewy and fresh look. CC creams are almost ''new and improved BB creams'' they are colour-correcting and some will give you better coverage with a less 'dewy' finish.
      I hope this helped!
      Amy |

  9. Heard so many good things about the Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipsticks, really want to get some!

    Just discovered your blog, love it! Am now following!

    Heels forever