Thursday 14 March 2013

L'Oreal GlamShine Stain Splash | Review

I've been eyeing this beauty up since it first arrived in my local Boots and I've been putting it off for a little while now, but today I finally caved and ended up buying one.

I've heard these are a drugstore dupe for the YSL Glossy Stains (which I have still yet to try) and because I've been lusting after the YSL ones for ages now, so I thought these would be good to try to see if I'm a fan or not.

They feel quite watery but also creamy at the same time, and apply on your lips evenly too. Even with just one application they leave a subtle gloss that stains your lips at the same time, so even when the gloss has worn off, your lips still won't be bare. (And just to point out the gloss doesn't last long.)

These retail for £7.99 which I personally think is a little over priced considering they aren't incredibly pigmented, however their ability to stain is great. They have a slight berry scent which I find quite nice as opposed to the sickly plastic smell that some lip products acquire.
I think the packaging is quite elegant-looking and I think it looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. Overall, I really enjoy using this product and will most likely be buying more very soon...

What do you think of these? Will you be trying any soon?

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