Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Wishlist | March

As most beauty-bloggers out there will know how dangerous these kind of blog post's can be, especially to your bank balance, but I have promised I am going to save my money up now for a big shopping spree. Anyway here's a selection of products I've been lusting over.

Photo 1 of Burnout Tee      SHOPPER WITH BRAIDED HANDLES  


I am and always will be a lover of Topshop clothing, every time I go in I can never seem to resist the urge and usually end up leaving with a bag or two... But I'm trying to save more so unfortunately I had to resist and put this top back the other day. ARghh I want it soo much!

Believe it or not, I actually don't own a handbag from Zara, in fact I haven't bought a new handbag since..well I really can't remember. So when I was flitting through their website I came across this lovely and at £39.99 I wouldn't say no.

I've had my eye on this ever since EssieButton mentioned it in one of her videos and it hasn't left my wishlist since then, the only thing thats been putting me off is the price, £10 for hand cream, I just can't seem to spend that much money just on hand cream, but it would be marvellous if someone bought it for me though..hint hint.

My lip product drawer is overfull as I speak but one can never have enough lipsticks..ever. Enough said.

The original Lovestruck fragrance was never really my cup of tea, I went through stages of liking it but it never made it's way into my shopping basket somehow. The design of the bottle is really pretty, not very handbag-friendly but it would look nice on my dressing table. I really do prefer the scent of this one compared to the original though.

I almost bought this at the weekend but whenever I get close to picking it up a voice in my head keeps saying 'no Amy, you have enough mascara already' so I end up re-placing it on the stand and walk away. And yes I do have too many mascara's on the go at the moment so once I've got some used up I may just buy this.

What products are you craving for?


  1. Love the topshop tee, I'm just letting you know, there's no where to "follow" your blog or join via gfc or anything :(

    A little bit Unique


    1. Thank you for pointing that out, I do have a bloglovin' and hellocotton button on the side of my blog, so people can follow me on there. xxx

  2. Love that Topshop Burnout tee :)
    Daniella x

    1. Me too! I just it was a bit more purse-friendly! hahah xxx

  3. This zara bag is in my wishlist too! And as I am a mascara junkie this maybelline one seems to be a good purchase

  4. Great choices! Love the lilac-coloured top and the fuchsia lipstick looks amazing! And I've tested that Burt's Bees hand cream- it smells incredible :)