Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Weekend Post #3: Easter!

As I mentioned in my Easter Bunny nail tutorial post, I love Easter, mainly because I get to eat a large amount of chocolate and not feel as guilty because I know everyone is spending the day indulging in a few Easter eggs (or almost everyone). This weekend has been packed full of shopping, eating, ignoring my dwindling bank balance (whoops) and visiting family, so as you can imagine I have been busy.
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I'm currently sat in my living room surrounded by wrappers and cardboard boxes, creme eggs, maltesers, buttons and wispa bars are strewn across the room and watching films with my sister. There is no better way to spend Easter in my opinion! I know I promised this weeks post would be a bit more interesting but I'll be honest, I actually forgot about this post (the shame) but I pinky promise that next weeks will be more appealing. Anyway back to eating my chocs now!

What have you been doing over the Easter weekend?

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